Camden blog locking off

The switch for Camden blog will soon be flipped and set to off, permanently.

Camden blog was an ambitious final expansion of 3 other blogs covering north-west London, including: Wembley, Harlesden and Kilburn blogs. However, it proved too ambitious and this poor blog ended up being neglected. One person maintaining 4 local blogs as one of multiple side-projects and a career was reason enough for this blog network to falter and fan.

Launched 3 years ago in 2015, the blog got off to a humble start with a post about the Kentish Town Lidl opening. A fair amount of traffic followed and made it known that there was a new blog on the block in Camden. What was unique about this blog compared to the others was that how often it was contacted by PR agencies pushing their press releases. As I had no time to write for this blog, I ended up usually publishing most of these press releases, which turned the blog into an awful PR messaging board. It was inevitable that the blog would soon die shortly thereafter.

I personally will remember this as an experiment originating from a local blog in Wembley that saw the potential to digitally cross London’s boundaries and borders to represent a more truer local experience; breaking down the borders that can sometimes mentally imprison communities into local patches of isolation.

If anyone is interested in keeping Camden Blog running, I’m open to propositions, you have until 27th April before Camden blog is switched off for good. Contact me on