A Camden Borough business changes its name because of Brexit

Grey London, the advertising agency based at 77 Hatton Garden changes its name.

In the week that the British government triggers Article 50 and begins the process of disconnecting the UK from the European Union, Grey London (part of one of the largest advertising networks in the world) is showing its commitment to diversity and openness by re-establishing itself under the name of its original Jewish founders, Valenstein & Fatt.

In 1917 two young, Jewish entrepreneurs opened the doors to their advertising agency. In a predominantly white, protestant industry where Anti-Semitism was commonplace, ‘Valenstein’, and ‘Fatt’, were names that could cost business. So instead of proudly putting their names above the door, they chose the colour of the walls: Grey.

Today, as xenophobia rears its ugly head across the world, Grey London are proud to do something their founders could not and put their names proudly on the door. They are doing this as a symbolic gesture of their commitment to diversity and acceptance. As a symbol of where they are from, how far they have come, and how much there’s still left to be done.

But more than symbolic, this move is intended to be the spark for action in an industry that despite all the talk and the skills to make a difference has been too slow to change.


Valenstein & Fatt will lead by example:

They will inspire the next generation, by working with 100 primary and secondary schools to introduce students to a career in the creative industries. Working with Exec Head Michelle Williams and education therapist Jodie Cariss and starting with the New Wave Federation primary schools in London’s Hackney, they will offer a tailor-made programme for the schools involved, from assemblies to full day workshops, coaching and agency open days.

They are publishing their diversity data

They are
launching a cross industry task force to identify the barriers to recruitment

They are
launching the Valenstein & Fatt Bursary

They will develop their diverse talent. Recognising that recruiting people with different start points isn’t enough, 50 individuals identified as ones to watch will be matched and formally mentored by our Executive and senior leadership.

More information found on the Valenstein & Fatt website.