Union fights for Deliveroo riders in Camden

deliveroo olympic way
Deliveroo recruiting students along Olympic Way in Wembley
The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain are seeking recognition for Deliveroo drivers in Camden.

Focusing on the Camden delivery zone, the objective is to get Deliveroo to recognise riders as employees.

Riders are seen by Deliveroo as self-employed and are not entitled to sick pay or paid holiday. In a letter, sent by Jason Moyer-Lee from the union, he said:

“The importance of achieving a collective bargaining agreement for Deliveroo workers is not just the ability to negotiate pay and terms and conditions, but also to keep chipping away at this bogus narrative that gig economy workers are a bunch of independent entrepreneurs who are so lucky to benefit from the generous flexibility provided by the likes of Uber and Deliveroo.

“Deliveroo drivers work for Deliveroo and as such they should be entitled to paid holiday, minimum wage, trade union rights, and all the other rights associated with worker status.”

This case follows landmark ruling for Uber which lost the right to classify UK drivers as self-employed.

Could takeaway startups suffer a similar blow as Uber, Deliveroo union asks for recognition.