Kentish Town Lidl Opening

Updated on 11/03/2015: Lidl will be opening tomorrow March 12th.

When is Kentish Town Lidl opening, I hear you ask?

Lidl is to open its first London-based convenience-sized store in Kentish Town come January / February 2015.

Premium retailer Waitrose was interested in this site which was formerly a Co-op but lost out to the German retailer.

Discount retailer presence in north-west London comprises of 5 Lidl’s and 2 Aldi’s.


  1. Lidl, Camden High Street 64-70, London, NW1 0LT
  2. Lidl, Kentish Town Road 217-223, London, NW5 2JU
  3. Aldi, 142-162 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 4JD
  4. Lidl, Edgware Road 408 London, NW2 6ND
  5. Lidl, Blackbird Hill 4-14 London, NW9 8SD
  6. Lidl, Unit3 Stadium Ret Pk, Wembley Pk Dr, London HA9 8TS
  7. Aldi, Kingsbury Road, Kingsbury, London NW9 9HN

The further west you go the discounters presence appears to wane which may suggest that areas such as Harlesden might be ripe for a Lidl or Aldi picking.

Aldi’s prototype store in Kilburn has done so well the discounter plans to open a dozen more London convenience stores using its £600m budget to do so.

The popularity of discounters is at an all-time high in London and the dominating nature of big supermarket’s has now long gone. There seems to be no stopping the discounters successful method of simple supply chains.

Image credit: @TheNotQuiteFool